On the Homefront

There is no “natural” progression to any war. Too much depends on who makes what happen when, including what happens on the “homefront”. Certain crucial aspects of the US invasion and occupation are essentially as well understood as they will ever be. Of course one can’t predict the future, but one can document and dramatize the well known past, including the recent past. For example, nothing can ever make the US invasion and occupation less immoral and illegal that it was known to be before and upon launching it. Look at Israel in the occupied territories – they are still killing and dying there decades after invading. It is well known, to those who want to know, the nature of those decades then and now. Things could have progressed differently, as they might or might not in the future. The idea of waiting 50 years or 100 years or whatever it may be, or even two decades, or two years to write about something that is essentially knowable as it happens, and therefore able to be dramatized immediately, is pointless. German leaders after World War II were hanged for what the US leaders have done in invading and occupying Iraq. Nothing that happens in the future can change that reality. That is no small reality that ought to have been dramatized long since, and has been a bit.

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