Terminal Menace

Terminal Menace

We need to keep very quiet on this one.

We Terminators are not supposed to mention it, but I feel it is simply too frightening to omit, this crackpot idea of youth liberation as a means to counter ageism – the insane anti-social idea that youth are somehow discriminated against by their elders.

These rancid concepts simply boggle the mind, especially when one considers the enormous sacrifices we loyal consumers and dedicated Terminators make day in and day out on behalf of our youth.

Ageism! These crazy youth would have us believe we are actually beheading them.

I cannot stress strongly enough that – parents take heed – the disease of youth lib is highly contagious, always leaves deep scars, and is frequently fatal.

I swear I don’t know where such poisonous filth comes from, or how it infects the minds of certain youth – often the kind who eat no meat and like to carry around miniature potted flowers, as if to show how delicate they are.

The nerve.

It may seem ugly at first, but a few crushed flowers here and there can spare many young lives from the abyss of the irrational and the all but unspeakable diseases of unstable subversive ideas such as ageism and youth lib.

Such words are simply incomprehensible, in my opinion, and could not have been outlawed soon enough.

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