Interview with Tom Engelhardt

by Julian Brookes at Mother Jones

This past year the site spawned two books—one, “Mission Unaccomplished”, a collection of interviews Engelhardt did with an assortment of writers (and not only lefties) whose thought he admired, the other, written by former federal prosecutor and Tomdispatch star Elizabeth de la Vega, building a legal case that Bush & co. engaged in a conspiracy to “deceive the American public and Congress into supporting the war.” In his introduction to the collected interviews, “Mission Unaccomplished,” Engelhardt writes, “I saw my mission, modestly accomplished, as connecting some of the “dots” not being connected by our largely demobilized media, while recording as best I could the “mission unaccomplished” moments I felt certain would come,” and this statement stands as a pretty good summary of what Tomdispatch has achieved over these past five years.

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