Life Among the Mentally Cleansed

They suspected everyone but themselves. They were the good people, respected by the respectable. They were the responsible class. They were the unwitting and witting minions of the monied class, the status quo. Some doubted themselves, but they believed their actions to be good, and good enough. If they believed anything else they could in no way facilitate the great crimes as very much as they did, these people.

More often than not they were people with more money than others. Some were the many faceless intellectuals who had been well trained and quite thoroughly mentally cleansed. Some were the acolytes of frenzied demagogues like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity busy duping and poking out the eyes of part of the populace. These people were often cheery, or dutiful, while others went numb or played dumb or otherwise could not care less.

They suspected everyone but themselves and lived their lives within great currents of ignorance and disinformation, of baseless confidence or plaintive impotence. They floated and did quite well, thank you, in vast oceans of the mentally cleansed, the many bastions of the status quo – the schools, the churches, the military, the government, and the vast corporate kingdoms of media, industry, service, and leisure. These were the people of the ruling corporate state and world. They had long since become a threat to human survival.

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