Tony Christini

Fiction: Ganoga, Texas MFA, Empire All In, Homefront, Youthtopia

Criticism: Fiction Gutted, Liberation Lit, A Practical Policy

Special “praise” for Fiction Gutted, by Tony Christini:

“…ill written … extended denunciations…”
-Paul Griffiths, Officer of the Order of the British Empire

“…how dispiriting… Dear, oh dear.”
-Robin Durie, Philospher, Senior Politics Lecturer, University of Exeter

“…a curious piece — pedantic and tone-deaf in equal measure — that moves us forward hardly at all.”
-Mark Thwaite, ReadySteadyBook, Founder, Managing Editor

“A deeply illiterate, though hilarious, piece of nonsense by an author who has clearly stuck his nose into the crazy glue of Marxist lit theory and inhaled deeply. Bravo.” 
-The Arbiters of Style, The Abbeville Manual of Style