Publishing Inc.

In the Meanwhile, the Incorporated Estates of Dearth, and not only the North American subsidiary, sponsor every day the “123 Years of Incorporated Evisceration Book Awards” (not least since the 1886 Supreme Court ruling taken to mean that corporations are legally persons, entitled to their rights, except infinitely more powerful). Prominent winning novels of late include:

  • Mr. Mundane’s Big and Special Day
  • View of a Pity
  • From Gloss to Dross and Back Again
  • Learning to Love Mr. and Ms. Not Quite So Tepid, I Swear
  • Cool Zones and … … …
  • America, Wherefore Art Thou, You?
  • Here We Sit Ensconced in Our City
  • The Gritty and the Bloody, Bleeding, Oozing
  • TUATAU: The Unaligned Aligned, The Aligned Unaligned
  • Not So Much
  • Between Flaming Death and a Boy on His Bike
  • Dysfunction – It’s Not Just America
  • She’s Incredible and So Might You
  • Fast Words and White Space
  • Quirky, Suave, and Monied
  • Poof! Time’s Up, My Warlock Dear
  • Hot Damn! The Affair, the Law, the Tech, and the Deal
  • Jumping Through Shrapnel With a Quip
  • Wars are Extinct and Other Irony Sometimes
  • The Real and the Fantastic, a Cuddling
  • Me, Myself, and You – Who Else, You Know???
  • We and Those Others Deserve Whatever We Give and May Get, Whatever That Has Been
  • Now Let Us Pray Tell: A Historical Novel of History Back Then
  • Funky, Spunky, Clunky, Chunky, Monkey: A Guaranteed Darn Good Read: A Novel
  • Tome upon the Extraneous or of the Neato or you know whatever I could pull off, really
  • More Prize Worthy Than You’re Worthy
  • And Not So Much Again
  • Novelishy – A Novel-Like Product For Sale, Selling, Sold®™

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