Lesson fourteen: in the banks we trust


From The Vassals Handbook – Lesson fourteen – in the banks we trust


I pledge allegiance to the banks of the Incorporated Estates of Earth and to the Rulers, whom they enrich, one Command throughout the land – obedience – with conformity and subservience for all.

Good vassals learn the Bank Pledge by heart when still wet from the womb. And with good reason. The Bank Pledge can take a vassal far in the Incorporated Estates of Earth. The banks are divine, and vassals mere mortals who owe their breath to the going rate of exchange. Few vassals would rather defy banks and starve than obey banks and have a chance. All is fair in love and banks.

Vassals may rent themselves freely, offering themselves upon the altar of the market at whatever rate the market and banks command. For those vassals with little or no market value: prisons. Thankfully. Not to mention urban concentration camps, reservations, and many a moonscape in the countryside. These all happily embrace the poor, once the banks have done with them.

 Banks decree equitably one a vassal or a lord, depending upon your wealth. Which vassals and lords prosper enough to receive just conditions of life? The banks judge. Justice flows both to and from the banks and their best depositors. The most just depositors are the richest ones, of course, the least just the poorest. Vassals who can make no deposit at all might be thought of as the scourge of banking. Not so. The impoverished scarcely interfere with the balance sheet, thus the banks could not care less. What could be more reasonable and just than that?

Who after all impoverished the vassals but the vassals themselves? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, does it, vassals?

Banks even allow vassals to use bank money the same as any lord. That is, a vassal’s dollar is the exact equal of a lord’s dollar. A vassal and a lord may actually touch and distribute the same bill at transcendent points in time. Of course lords inevitably possess far more dollars than vassals but that is not the point. The point is that lords and vassals use the same money, and they both may use it for any legal purpose they wish, including to buy up freedom and justice and whatever else they can afford. Can a more fair and enlightened system be conceived?

We have already excoriated the subversive effect of the credit unions and other outrageous notions of vassal controlled finance. A bank, like an incorporated estate, is a sovereign domain, a land really, a dominion, a country unto itself, fully able to conquer and resist being conquered. As such, banks sovereign and inherent rights are not to be tampered with, let alone trammeled. Any invasive treasonous moves against banks will continue to be met with supreme hostility from the lords of finance, from the banks themselves, the rightful owners of all money and earth.

No finer institutions than banks exist. What hell-on-earth this world would be without banks is difficult to imagine. Yet instructive. An earth with no banks would be like a military with no guns, or a world with no wars. Who would profit? Think about it. Where is the profit in no banks? No banks? Now that would be sacrilege.

Make no mistake, vassals, the banks have got your backs and the shirts upon them. The banks are here for you and they intend to take what is theirs. For these many reasons vassals one and all may count their blessings in praise of banks. 

And lead thou not into temptation, but deliver thine self from evil: For banks are the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.


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