Lesson thirteen: next best thing to royalty


Lesson thirteen – next best thing to royalty


You know the first lady, the first family? That is, the President of the Incorporated Estates of Earth and his wife? I get to meet them! For the first time. I can’t wait. I won’t know how to act.

But first, a thought. Is it not curious that vassals never refer to the President and his wife as the “first family” or to her as the “first lady”? I have to admit, I have never once heard any regular vassal refer to them in this way. In fact, I only hear such language in the incorporated media. Why is that?

It doesn’t seem to be catching, this proper mode of address. And that is what has got to change.

For they are first, the President’s family, first above all – the closest thing to royalty known to the Incorporated Estates of Earth. What the first family does, the President especially, matters more than anything and anyone – not what goes on in town halls, community centers, schools, hospitals, and other minute realms of life, not who does all the stuff in the world.

This is a top down society, not bottom up. Imagine what would happen if a pyramid were turned upside down. The tip would be crushed!

Not only that but then the whole thing would collapse and crumble leaving the whole mess at more or less the same level. Equality of condition! Total destruction.

Thankfully our system gets the design just right, preserving the tip, elevating it, providing the most sun, the best view, the commanding position with the freshest freest air. Oh, to be King. Hail to the Chief. O! say can you see…

It will be all I can do not to salute the first family on sight. I can’t wait to shake his hand, and if I’m lucky, from her, a hug. Oh my God, it’s almost indecent that I get to meet these exalted ones, even in my capacity as Official Sloganeer. Am I deserving? Am I worthy?

Of course I am, otherwise the President’s aides would not have chosen me for this important post. You’re always as good as your superiors tell you. Doesn’t everyone believe that? They should. Without such wisdom no top down system can long survive, nor a vassal thrive.


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