Lesson ten: the glory of the Green Zone


[“Lessons” are temporary posts. These early drafts may come down after a few days. Any surviving or revised remnants and expanded passages can be found at The Vassals Handbook page – also subject to revision.]


Lesson ten – the glory of the Green Zone


Some call it the God Zone, others with equal appreciation call it the Genghis Zone in honor of that great liberator of olden time Genghis Khan and his grandson Hulagu Khan who liberated Iraq from the Iraqis nearly 800 years prior to George Bush the Second when his invading legions overran the Middle East. Whatever you call it, the Gravy Zone or the Grand Zone or simply the GZ, the Green Zone shines like a beacon. We might all live in the GZ someday, if we work hard enough and get lucky.

Originally the Baghdad headquarters of the US occupation of Iraq, today the Green Zone means the Good Life. If you’re in the Zone, the Green Zone, you’ve got it made. Everyone there that I care to know makes six figures easy. Oh sure, you wind up dodging an incoming bomb or two on many a night, but with blast walls screening off ground attacks from the Red Zone – anywhere beyond the Green Zone – you feel safe enough. What’s life without a few bombs thrown from time to time? I certainly wouldn’t know.

Gated communities are not what they used to be. They’ve gone Green. Not only in Baghdad but all across the Incorporated Estates of Earth. The GZ is the future. Green Zones are life, Red Zones are blood. The profit goes to the targeter, not to  the target. Get in the Zone, Vassals. Get in the Zone with the IEE, the Green Zone, for life.



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