Lesson nine: the treason of the credit unions

[“Lessons” are temporary posts. These early drafts may come down after a few days. Any surviving or revised remnants and expanded passages may be found at The Vassals Handbook page – also subject to revision.]


Lesson nine – the treason of the credit unions


Let no one speak of turning to credit unions, which are owned and operated by the depositors. Credit unions ought cease and desist their attempts to undermine by their very presence the fiscal authority of the IEE. So what if credit unions are democratically controlled, one person, one vote – and banks are not? So what if credit unions have lower fees and better rates than banks? So what if credit unions have stronger community ties and involvement than banks? So what if credit unions return revenues to their depositors rather than operate for profit like banks? So what if they remain solvent? Such feel good tripe misses every point that matters. And how can it last? Why would good vassals anywhere want credit unions to persist in this golden era of vassalism?

In the end, the IEE’s financial woes must be resolved, not exacerbated, and banks are by far the IEE’s preferred solution. That’s all that counts – the satisfaction of the needs of the IEE. The IEE makes the planet great, not the vassals, and forget the credit unions. Natural law dictates that vassals are the means to the end, and that the end is the end, and only the end, and not the means to anything, at all, beyond the end, which is the end in itself. Are we clear? Credit unions defy banks and therefore in theory and reality should not be allowed to exist. Why they hang on with their millions and billions is beyond me. It’s not for lack of trying to abolish these unholy institutions on my part, one Stan D. Garde. 


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