Lesson three: empire’s graveyard glory


Well here we go, off to the wars! Let’s see, where do we visit today? Iraq? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Gaza? Yes! How is the war for the everlasting expansion of the Incorporated Estates of Earth going? you ask? Very well! How do we know? Graveyards! Here we are in one going full blast, the bodies flooding in as if from some channeled hurricane of blood and gore. Now this is the sort of full employment the overlords of the IEE fully appreciate. Gravediggers rejoice! These grave diggers get no rest around here. They barely have time to jot down the names of those going under. Some bodies even come in with no names at all, and some are surely pseudonyms. But who needs names when business is booming? One look and we know the story of many a body: Mr. Shot-in-the-back-of-the-head. Ms. Blown-to-bits-from-the-sky. Child mutilated-by-shrapnel. Infant Crushed-from-on-high. Busy, busy, busy are we in the graveyards of the IEE. Proud tax dollars at work.


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