Iraq War, The Musical!

What Would Obama Think

by Deb Flomberg

I walked into the Bug Theatre not knowing what to expect. With all of the talk about politics and the election that is surrounding us here in Denver, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go to a show called “Iraq War, The Musical!” However, I went, figuring that either way I was in for an interesting night. Yet, I am not reviewing this show. I feel that it speaks for itself. If your political views don’t swing very far to the left, or you don’t follow politics much at all, then don’t see it. You will be mad. However, if you do consider yourself a liberal and you are informed about the political events of the past eight years, then you’ll probably enjoy it. So, the reason I am choosing not to review this show is because there was something else that really struck me as I watched this show. I was reminded that theatre is about freedom of expression and that one of the most wonderful things about being a writer, director, or actor is the ability to make people think.

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