Z Course Miscellany

Great Novel of the People – Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo
Leftward Whoa! The Academy
PEN and Public or Political Fiction
“Incompatible”? – Novels, Politics, News?
Literature, Teaching, Ideology
The Reactionary Ayn Rand
Huckleberry Finn and Effects of Story
John Updike’s Lit Establishment Rules
Noam Chomsky, Orwell, and the Importance of Caricature
The Power and Import of Purpose in Fiction
The Possibilities of “Political Fiction”
Impact of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle
Orwell’s Problem and Partisan Fiction [with links, clear quotes, see here]
Progressive Political Fiction 
Write a Political Novel?
The Power of Political Fiction and Mainstay Press — Interview
A Few Notes on the Literary Establishment  
Against Vicious Injustice — An Interview with Mickey Z
Politics and Art – The Personal is the Public and Private
Great Lit Is Based On Principle – Letter to ULA
The Future of Imaginative Literature – Roles for Novelists 
The Fate of Plutocracy; Or, American White Slavery
Fiction and Social Change – Some Limits of DeLillo, Pynchon…
NYT Best Fiction Discussion and Artists in Times of War (Arundhati Roy)
Best Work of American Fiction
More on the NYT “best of” American fiction list
Barbara Kingsolver’s 2006 Bellwether Prize
The Politics of Literary Politics
Have They Been Banned? Iraq War Novels — Interview
Establishment Irresponsibility: Ana Marie Cox Wrong on Stephen Colbert…
Send a Novel Message
Nothing They Care to Hear — Stephen Colbert
The Power of Poetry

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