New at Liberation Lit

Iraq War Cartoons – by Stephanie McMillan
Corporate Utopia Cartoons – by Carol Simpson


Liberation Lit Focus: Kenya

Guest Editor: Shalini Gidoomal

Lessons Learnt – by Doreen Baingana
The Obituary of Simiyu Barasa, Written by Himself – by Simiyu Barasa
Unsung Heroes of Kenya – by Mike Eldon
Marbles and Ballot Boxes – by Dayo Forster
Kengeme – by Stanley Gazemba
Let Kenyans Take the Lead – by Shalini Gidoomal
No Laughing Matter – by Judy Kibinge
The Fire This Time – by Martin Kimani
A Tribute to the Man in Black – Vivek Mehta
The Brinkipice of Genocide – by Tony Mochama
I Was Near to Die – by Wambui Mwangi
Kibakizungu – by Wambui Mwangi
When the Nakumatts Close – by Wambui Mwangi
A Moment – by Yvonne A. Owuor
Echoes – by Yvonne A. Owuor
6 Poems – by Stephen Derwent Partington
Praise Poem – by Stephen Derwent Partington
An Open Letter – by Shailja Patel
I Blame Kibaki – by Potash
We the Kikuyu – by Potash
Unsettled – by Kalundi Serumaga
LinkedElections in Kenya – by Mukoma Ngugi
Kenyans Rally for a New Constitution – by Multiple Authors
Flames In Kenya – by Bill Fletcher Jr.
Inequality, Not Identity, Fuels Violence in Kenya – by Yifat Susskind

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