Antiwar Novels

Daniel J. Neumann reviewing Civilized Savages by Susan Kaye Behm:

“I wrote two anti-war novels. At a recent book-signing, I recall a man arguing with me: “Why are you against war?” And I replied, “Why are you for it?” He did not answer, but if the conversation would have carried on, I would have recommended Susan Kaye Behm’s Civilized Savages to the man, over my own books. Behm may not have had any direct exposure to war, but she offers a future that conveys the horrors of war as much as any civilian can contemplate. In short, it is an anti-war novel for those of us who have never fought in a war—which makes it the most valuable variety of anti-war novel.”

One thought on “Antiwar Novels”

  1. Thank you. I shall check this book–sounds super. I’m looking for comps for my own antiwar novels, The Rescuer’s Path and Making a Sad Song Better (both set in the Vietnam War era), and some I’m finding are just great books! Thanks again.

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