Activist Novels Staged in Iran

 Gharibpur to stage “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” at Fajr festival

“The dramatization of world-renowned novels increases the number of theatergoers and attracts people from a variety of social classes to come and enjoy the performances. Some academics maintain the idea that the theater is only for the elite, however I personally believe this to be a destructive notion,” Gharibpur told the Persian service of Mehr News Agency, MNA reported Saturday.

“My recent production, which was a dramatization of Victor Hugo’s novel ‘Les Misérables’, was warmly welcomed by audiences from a mixture of social backgrounds,” he remarked.

He said that he had considered George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” for dramatization since they are world famous novels which highlight the concepts of racism and human rights’ violation, occurrences which are not limited to any particular nation.

“I am fond of the art (of theater) which spreads the message of justice and hope. I enjoy mis-en-scene which comprises various characters with different personalities,” he mentioned.

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