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1933       Granville Hicks                            The Great Tradition: An Interpretation of American Literature Since the Civil War

1934        John Dewey                                  Art as Experience [“Art and Civilization”…]

1934        Max Eastman                               Art and the Life of Action (With Other Essays) [“The Artist and the Social Engineer”…]

1934       Max Eastman                               Artists in Uniform: A Study of Literature and Bureaucratism [“The New American Literature,” “The Marxian Aesthetics”…]

1934       Henry James                                The Art of the Novel: Critical Prefaces

1935        Granville Hicks, Ed., et al           Proletarian Literature in the United States [“Introduction,” Joseph Freeman, “…Problems of Revolutionary Literature”…]

1936       T. S. Eliot                                      Essays Ancient and Modern [“Religion and Literature,” “Modern Education and the Classics”…]

1936       James T. Farrell                          A Note on Literary Criticism [“Literature and Propaganda,” “Left-Wing Dualism,” “Marx on the Relative Aesthetic”…]

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1938        Edmund Wilson                           The Triple Thinkers [revised, 1948; corrected, 1963] [“The Politics of Flaubert,” “Historical Interpretation of Literature”…]

1939       Granville Hicks                            Figures of Transition: A Study of British Literature at the End of the 19th Century [“Socialism and William Morris”…]

1939        Bernard L. Smith                         Forces in American Criticism: A Study in the History of American Literary Thought [“The Rise of Critical Traditions”…]


1940        Roger Dataller                             The Plain Man and the Novel [“The Novel as Propaganda,” “The Historical Novel,” “The Social Novel”…]

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1941       Edmund Wilson                           The Wound and the Bow: Seven Studies in Literature [revised, 1952]

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1943       Herbert Read                               The Politics of the Unpolitical

1943       Edmund Wilson, Ed.                   The Shock of Recognition: The Development of Literature in the United States Recorded by the Men Who Made It;

                                                                            Volumes I and II [revised, 1955]

1946       Erich Auerbach                            Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature

1946       Alex Comfort                                 Art and Social Responsibility: Lectures on the Ideology of Romanticism

1946       George Orwell                             Dickens, Dali and Others

1946       George Orwell                             “Why I Write,” in A Collection of Essays, 1954

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1947       Herbert Read                               The Grass Roots of Art: Lectures on Social Aspects of Art in an Industrial Age

1947       Herbert Read                               Education Through Art

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1948       Alex Comfort                                 The Novel and Our Time [“The Concept of Responsibility”…]

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1949       Maxwell Geismar                        The Last of the Provincials: The American Novel, 1915-1925

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1952       Edmund Wilson                           A Literary Chronicle: 1920-1950

1952       Edmund Wilson                           The Shores of Light: A Literary Chronicle of the 1920s and 1930s [“Literary Class War,” “American Critics, Left and Right”…]

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1953       Gilbert Highet                               Juvenal the Satirist

1954       Walter Allen                                  The English Novel: A Short Critical History

1955        James Baldwin                            Notes of a Native Son [“Everybody’s Protest Novel”…]

1955       Joseph L. Blotner                        The Political Novel

1956       J. M. Cohen                                  A History of Western Literature

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1957       Richard Chase                            The American Novel and Its Tradition [“Norris and Naturalism”…]

1957       Northrop Frye                               Anatomy of Criticism

1957       Granville Hicks, Ed.                    The Living Novel: A Symposium [“Ralph Ellison: Society, Morality, and the Novel”…]

1957        Irving Howe                                   Politics and the Novel [“The Idea of the Political Novel,” “Orwell: History as Nightmare”…]

1957       Wright Morris                                The Territory Ahead: Critical Interpretations in American Literature

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1957       Ian Watt                                         The Rise of the Novel: Studies in Defoe, Richardson, Fielding

1957       Rebecca West                             The Court and the Castle: A Study of the Interactions of Religious and Political Ideas in Imaginative Literature

1957        Wimsatt and Brooks                    Literary Criticism: A Short History [“The Real and the Social: Art as Propaganda”…]

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1958       Maxwell Geismar                        American Moderns: From Rebellion to Conformity [“Higher and Higher Criticism,” “The ‘End’ of Naturalism”…]

1959       Miriam Allott                                 Novelists on the Novel [“No Politics?” (Stendhal), “The Writer’s Responsibility” (G. Eliot), “Ethics of the Novel” (various)…]

1959       William R. Mueller                      The Prophetic Voice in Modern Fiction: Major Writings of Joyce, Camus, Kafka, Silone, Faulkner, Green

1960-1989                                                    BIBLIOGRAPHY CONTENTS



Bibliography – 1800s to 2003            
Critical Excerpts – 1883 to 2003 
Quick Views    
Social and Political Novel  
Social and Political Literature  




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