Kim Sykes and Artistic Consciousness Post Katrina

Thinking About New Orleans: Kim Sykes

Q. Tell me about the writing of fiction you have written since Katrina.
A. There is little room for nonsense, beating around the bush, sort to speak. I get straight to the point. My characters say what they mean and mean what they say.

Q. How is your life going now? How have you been able to manage? Where are you living now, where are you working now, what are you working on?
A. I’m working on the novel called “The Angry Bird,” which takes place in northern Louisiana. I wrote in a hurricane scene. I talk a bit more about government. Life goes on. Most of my family are back in their homes. They seem to be settling some. So am I. My well-being is directly related to theirs.

Q. When you sit at your writing, what do you see now? Is that different from before Katrina?
A. Of course. How do I explain it except to say that I see past the bull.

Q. Has your own creative material/style/voice changed radically? Permanently? If so, how?
A. My characters have more of an opinion. More to say of substance. More thoughtfulness.

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