The general bibliographic list is broken into several other groupings, including lists of: “propaganda” titles; “social change” titles, “politic”… titles, assorted anthologies of literary criticism; assorted interview collections; encyclopedias and other reference volumes; and key works on propaganda (public relations) and the public. See other links for excerpts. See here for more information about the bibliograpies and excerpts.


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Cover for 'Fiction Gutted: The Establishment and the Novel'

by  Tony Christini




1972       Norman Philbrick, Ed.              Trumpets Sounding: Propaganda Plays Of The American Revolution

1975       Ian Boyd                                     The Novels Of G.K. Chesterton: A Study In Art And Propaganda

1978       David Smith                               Socialist Propaganda In The Twentieth-Century Novel

1978       George H. Szanto                     Theater And Propaganda

1979       Johnson and Johnson              Propaganda And Aesthetics: The Literary Politics Of African-American Magazines…

1983       A. P. Foulkes                              Literature And Propaganda

1983       Nicholas Pronay, Ed.                Propaganda, Politics And Film, 1918-45

1989       Peter Buitenhuis                      The Great War Of Words: British, American, And Canadian Propaganda And Fiction,

1992       Jane DeRose Evans                  The Art Of Persuasion: Political Propaganda From Aeneas To Brutus

1995       David Bell                                   Ardent Propaganda: Miners’ Novels And Class Conflict 1929-1939

1995       Judith K. Proud                          Children And Propaganda: Fiction And Fairy Tale In Vichy France

1997       Toby Clark                                  Art And Propaganda In The Twentieth Century: The Political Image…

1997       Friedl, Bettina. Ed                     On To Victory: Propaganda Plays Of The Woman Suffrage Movement

1998       Robert Cole, Ed.                        International Encyclopedia Of Propaganda

1998       Mary Whitby                               Propaganda Of Power: The Role Of Panegyric In Late Antiquity

2002       Louis Pizzitola                            Hearst Over Hollywood: Power, Passion, And Propaganda In The Movies




1964       Alberto S. Florentino                  Literature and Society: A Symposium on the Relation of Literature to Social Change

1974       David Craig                                  The Real Foundations: Literature and Social Change

1976       David C. Stineback                     Shifting World: Social Change and Nostalgia in the American Novel

1977       Mary Lee Bundy                          Guide to the Literature of Social Change: Volume 1

1979       Raghuvir Sinah                            Social Change in Contemporary Literature

1980       John Lucas                                   The Literature of Change: Studies in the Nineteenth Century Provincial Novel

1984       Christopher Pawling                   Popular Fiction and Social Change

1985       Michael Spindler                          American Literature and Social Change: William Dean Howells to Arthur Miller

1985       Judith Newton                              Feminist Criticism and Social Change: Sex, Class, and Race in Literature and Culture

1988       K. E. Agovi                                    Novels of Social Change

1989       Rita Felski                                     Beyond Feminist Aesthetics: Feminist Literature and Social Change

1994       Richard Chapple, Ed.                  Social and Political Change in Literature and Film

1999       Clifford Siskin                               The Work of Writing: Literature and Social Change in Britain, 1700-1830

1999       Nuria Vilanova                             Social Change and Literature in Peru: 1970-1990





1924       Morris Edmund Speare               The Political Novel: Its Development in England and America

1943       Herbert Read                               The Politics of the Unpolitical

1946       Mark Schorer                               William Blake: The Politics of Vision

1955       Joseph L. Blotner                        The Political Novel

1957       Irving Howe                                  Politics and the Novel

1963       Eloise K. Hay                                The Political Novels of Joseph Conrad: A Critical Study

1964       R. H. Tawney                                The Radical Tradition: Twelve Essays on Politics, Education, Literature

1966       Joseph L. Blotner                        The Modern American Political Novel: 1900-1960

1966       Gordon Milne                                The American Political Novel

1967       Connor Cruise O’Brien                Writers and Politics: Essays and Criticisms

1968       Arthur Pollard                               Anthony Trollope’s Political Novels

1970       Kampf and Lauter, Eds.             The Politics of Literature: Dissenting Essays on the Teaching of English

1974       Greenberg and Warrick              Political Science Fiction: An Introductory Reader

1977       Bob Dixon                                      Catching Them Young 2: Political Ideas in Children’s Fiction

1979       Johnson and Johnson                Propaganda and Aesthetics: The Literary Politics of African-American
Magazines in the Twentieth Century

1983       John J. Michalczyk                      Costa-Gavras: The Political Fiction Film

1983       Nicholas Pronay, Ed.                   Propaganda, Politics And Film, 1918-45

1984       Madeline Moore                          The Short Season Between Two Silences:

The Mystical and the Political in the Novels of Virginia Woolf

1984       H. Trivedi                                      American Political Novel

1984       Michael Wilding                            Political Fictions

1985       Robert Boyers                              Atrocity and Amnesia: The Political Novel Since 1945

1986       Judi M. Roller                                The Politics of the Feminist Novel

1987       Nancy Armstrong                        Desire and Domestic Fiction: A Political History of the Novel

1987       Tom Kemme                                 Political Fiction, The Spirit of the Age, and Allen Drury

1987       Richard Ohmann                          The Politics of Letters

1988       Rosemarie Bodenheimer           The Politics of Story in Victorian Social Fiction

1988       Terrence Des Pres                       Praises and Dispraises: Poetry and Politics, the 20th Century

1988       Nadine Gordimer                         The Essential Gesture: Writing, Politics and Places

1988       Yanarella and Sigelman             Political Mythology and Popular Fiction

1989       Linda Hutcheon                           The Politics of Postmodernism

1989       John Rodden                                The Politics of Literary Reputation: The Making and Claiming of “St. George” Orwell

1990       Bardes and Gossett                    Declarations of Independence: Women and Political Power
in Nineteenth-Century American Fiction

1990       Lee Horsley                                  Political Fiction and the Historical Imagination

1991       Arac and Ritvo, Eds.                   Macropolitics of Nineteenth-Century Literature

1991       Christopher T. Harvie                The Centre of Things: Political Fiction in Britain from Disraeli to the Present

1991       Philomena Mariani                      Critical Fictions: The Politics of Imaginative Writing

1992       Jane DeRose Evans                    The Art Of Persuasion: Political Propaganda From Aeneas To Brutus

1992       Maureen Whitebrook Ed.           Reading Political Stories: Representations of Politics in Novels and Pictures

1993       Barbara Foley                              Radical Representations: Politics and Form in U.S. Proletarian Fiction, 1929-1941

1993       Tobin Siebers                              Cold War Criticism and the Politics of Skepticism

1994       Richard Chapple, Ed.                  Social and Political Change in Literature and Film

1994       Michael Hanne                             Power of the Story: Fiction and Political Change [revised edition, 1996?]

1995       Stanley Fish                                 Political Correctness: Studies and Political Change

1995       Sharon M. Harris, Ed.                  Redefining the Political Novel: American Women Writers, 1797-1901

1995       Anne C. Ruderman                      The Pleasures of Virtue: Political Thought in the Novels of Jane Austen

1996       Horton and Baumeister             Literature and the Political Imagination

1997       Toby Clark                                    Art And Propaganda In The Twentieth Century: The Political Image

1997       Hassler and Wilcox, Eds.           Political Science Fiction

1998       Ursula Lord                                   Solitude Versus Solidarity in the Novels of Joseph Conrad:
Political and Epistemological Implications of Narrative

1998       John Whalen-Bridge                   Political Fiction and the American Self

2000       Joan Acocella                              Willa Cather and the Politics of Criticism

2000       David Laskin                                 Partisans: Marriage, Politics, and Betrayal Among the New York Intellectuals

2001       Susan Johnston                           Women and Domestic Experience in Victorian Political Fiction

2001       Elizabeth Maslen                         Political and Social Issues in British Women’s Fiction, 1928-1968

2001       Elizabeth Morgan                        Aeroplane Mirrors: Personal and Political Reflexivity in Post-Colonial Women’s Novels

2002       Karin Verena Gunnemann         Heinrich Mann’s Novels and Essays: The Artist as Political Educator

2003       Thomas J. Kemme                      Patterns of Power in American Political Fiction

2003       Todd Oakley Lutes                     Shipwreck and Deliverance: Politics, Culture and Modernity
in the novels of [Paz, Marquez and Llosa]





1915       Upton Sinclair, Ed.                      The Cry for Justice: An Anthology of the Literature of Social Protest [updated, 1996?]

1925       Alain Locke, Ed.                           The New Negro: An Interpretation

1927       Van Wyck Brooks, Ed., et al      The American Caravan: A Yearbook of American Literature

1928       Alfred Kreymborg, Ed., et al     The Second American Caravan: A Yearbook of American Literature

1935       Granville Hicks, Ed., et al           Proletarian Literature in the United States: An Anthology

1937       Morton D. Zabel, Ed.                   Literary Opinion in America; Volumes I and II [revised, 1962]

1941       Sterling A. Brown, Ed., et al      The Negro Caravan: Writings by American Negroes [new introduction by Lester, 1969]

1943       Edmund Wilson, Ed.                   The Shock of Recognition: The Development of Literature in the United States

1948       Mark Schorer, Ed., et al             Criticism: The Foundations of Modern Literary Judgement

1957       Granville Hicks, Ed.                    The Living Novel: A Symposium

1958       M. H. Abrams, Ed.                       Literature and Belief: English Institute Essays, 1957

1961       Rubin and Moore, Eds.               The Idea of an American Novel

1963       Robert E. Spiller, Ed., et al         Literary History of the United States: History

1970       Kampf and Lauter, Eds.             The Politics of Literature: Dissenting Essays on the Teaching of English

1970       George Perkins, Ed.                    The Theory of the American Novel

1971       Hazard Adams, Ed.                     Critical Theory Since Plato

1971       Sheila Delany, Ed.                       Counter-Tradition: The Literature of Dissent and Alternatives

1972       Norman Philbrick, Ed.                 Trumpets Sounding: Propaganda Plays Of The American Revolution

1974       John Halperin, Ed.                      The Theory of the Novel: New Essays

1983       Nicholas Pronay, Ed.                  Propaganda, Politics And Film, 1918-45

1986       Hobbs and Woodard, Eds.         Human Rights, Human Wrongs: Art and Social Change

1988       Hoffman and Murphy, Eds.        Essentials of the Theory of Fiction

1988       David Lodge, Ed.                         Modern Criticism and Theory: A Reader [updated 2000, with Nigel Wood]

1989       Cathy N. Davidson, Ed.               Reading in American: Literature and Social History

1992       Maureen Whitebrook Ed.           Reading Political Stories: Representations of Politics in Novels and Pictures

1992       Winn and Alexander, Eds.         The Slaughter-House of Mammon: An Anthology of Victorian Social Protest Literature

1994       Carol Becker, Ed.                        The Subversive Imagination: Artists, Society, and Social Responsibility

1994       Richard Chapple, Ed.                  Social and Political Change in Literature and Film

1994       Williams and Chrisman, Eds.    Colonial Discourse and Post-Colonial Theory: A Reader

1995       Becker and Wiens, Eds.             The Artist in Society: Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities

1995       Sharon M. Harris, Ed.                 Redefining the Political Novel: American Women Writers, 1797-1901

1997       Bettina Friedl, Ed.                        On To Victory: Propaganda Plays Of The Woman Suffrage Movement

1997       Hassler and Wilcox, Eds.           Political Science Fiction

1998       H. Bruce Franklin, Ed.                Prison Writing in 20th-Century America

1999       Hazel Arnett Ervin, Ed.               African American Literary Criticism, 1773-2000

1999       Gordon Hutner, Ed.                     American Literature, American Culture

2000       Michael McKeon, Ed.                  Theory of the Novel: A Historical Approach

2000       Winston Napier, Ed.                    African American Literary Theory: A Reader




1958       Malcolm Cowley, Ed.                 Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews, First Series

1963       Donohue and Algren                  Conversations with Nelson Algren

1974       Jo David Bellamy                        The New Fiction: Interviews with Innovative American Writers

1983       Claudia Tate, Ed.                        Black Women Writers at Work

1984       Charles Ruas                               Conversations with American Writers

1986       Thomas Daniel Young, Ed.       Conversations with Malcolm Cowley

1988       Mary Chamberlain, Ed.              Writing Lives: Conversations Between Women Writers

1988       J. Michael Lennon                       Conversations with Norman Mailer

1988       George Plimpton, Ed.                 Women Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews [revised edition, 1998]

1989       Marie-Lise Gazarian Gautier     Interviews with Latin American Writers

1989       Standley and Pratt, Eds.            Conversations with James Baldwin

1990       Pearlman and Henderson         A Voice of One’s Own: Conversations with America’s Writing Women

1991       Carol Gelderman, Ed.                 Conversations with Mary McCarthy

1992       David Cayley                                Northrop Frye in Conversation

1995       Dick and Singh, Eds.                   Conversations with Ishmael Reed

2003       George Plimpton, Ed.                 Latin American Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews, Thirteenth Series





1988   Emory Elliott, Ed.                           Columbia Literary History of the United States

1992   Joseph Gibaldi, Ed.                        Introduction to Scholarship: In Modern Languages and Literatures

1995   Mary Ellen Snodgrass                    Encyclopedia of Utopian Literature

1996   Mary Ellen Snodgrass                    Encyclopedia of Satirical Literature

1998   Robert Cole, Ed.                              International Encyclopedia Of Propaganda

1999   Wilfred L. Guerin, et. al.                      A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature, Fourth Edition

2000   Harmon and Holman, Eds.           A Handbook to Literature, Eighth Edition





(°) from Michael L. Turney’s 1999 annotated bibliography, “History and Evolution of Public Relations,”

[If the link fails, click here, then click “Public relations bookshelf.”]





°1922     Walter Lippmann                         Public Opinion

°1923     Edward L. Bernays                      Crystallizing Public Opinion [revised, 1961]

1927     John Dewey                                  The Public and Its Problems

1928     Edward L. Bernays                      Propaganda

1950     George Orwell                             “The Principles of Newspeak,” An “Appendix” in Orwell’s novel 1984

°1952     Edward L. Bernays                      Public Relations [revised, 1963]

°1956     Kenneth E. Boulding                   The Image: Knowledge and Society

1957     Vance Packard                            The Hidden Persuaders

°1964     Daniel J. Boorstin                        The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-events in American

°1964     V. O. Key, Jr.                                 Public Opinion and American Democracy

°1967     Nick Aaron Ford, Ed.                   Language in Uniform: A Reader on Propaganda

°1979     Richard S. Tedlow                        Keeping the Corporate Image: Public Relations and Business, 1900-1950

°1982     Peters and Waterman                In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies

°1984     Grunig and Hunt                          Managing Public Relations

°1984     Marvin N. Olasky                         “Roots of Modern Public Relations: The Bernays Doctrine”

°1986     Edward L. Bernays                      The Later Years: Public Relations Insights, 1956-1986

°1986     Crable and Vibbert                      Public Relations as Communication Mangement

1988     Herman and Chomsky               Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media

°1988     Wilbur Schramm                         The Story of Human Communication: Cave Painting to Microchip

°1989     Noam Chomsky                           Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies

°1990     Robert L. Dilenschneider           Power and Influence: Mastering the Art of Persuasion

°1991     H. J. Dalton                                   Public Relations: An Overview

°1992     James E. Grunig, Ed.                  Excellence in Public Relations and Communication Management

°1993     Doug Newsom, et al                   This Is PR: The Realities of Public Relations

1994     Mark Achbar, Ed.                         Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media

°1994     Scott M. Cutlip                             The Unseen Power: Public Relations. A History

1998     Robert Cole, Ed.                          International Encyclopedia Of Propaganda

2001     Chomsky and Barsamian          Propaganda and the Public Mind





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Critical Excerpts – 1883 to 2003
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Social and Political Literature




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