Neo-Damnedlican, Old Rethugnocrat

By now Hillary Clinton has made clear her intention to run for President of the United States as a Neo-Dumblican, a.k.a. an Old Repugnocrat. And why not? After all, Clinton served on the board of directors of Wal-mart, and currently receives the financial support of Wal-mart executives. She interned with Republican office holders, and as a lawyer advocated against the progressive low-income community organization ACORN in the interest of big money. Her health care proposals are very pleasing to the rapacious pharmaceutical industry. And she evidently intends to wage war on as much of the world as possible for the rest of her career. A Neo-Dumblican indeed, this Old Repugnocrat.

Traditional Repugnocrats reportedly believe they have died and gone to heaven, so blessed – internal memos reveal – is the Clinton campaign to their rampaging causes. Thanks to Clinton, Repugnocrats can constantly attack, throwing red meat to the worst instincts of their base support, encouraging all ferocity and ignorance, while behind the scenes being glad that Clinton supports nearly everything they do. She’s a better public face for their savage attacks. And so they get to bash her for PR reasons while surreptitiously cheering her on to their increased power and wealth. Hillary Clinton – the perfect Repugnocrat candidate. A great Neo-Dumblican.

If Hillary Clinton wins election, every US President following Ronald Reagan, from 1988 to 2016 – nearly three decades – will have graduated from Yale University – Big Money U – home of Skull & Bones. Sheer Neo-Dumblican and Old Repugnocrat rule. Or is that Neo-Damnedlican and Old Rethugnocrat?

Hillary thanks you in advance for your vote. Barack Obama and John Edwards, too. The virtual triplets. They’re all banking on it.

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