New Stories at Liberation Lit

Narrative situations on the ground: stories of injustice spanning North and South America, Asia and Africa.

Adetokunbo Abiola

The Militants – Guerrillas, soldiers and civilians struggle for justice and survival in the Niger Delta amid suffering and death fueled by the oil industry and the state

Tony Christini
Plan USA – What if “Plan Columbia” were applied to the US?
News From Little Rock – The unreported story of the 40th year commemoration of Central High School by the Little Rock Nine in Little Rock, Arkansas 
Civil Acts – The family of a US soldier killed during the US invasion of Iraq turns against the war

Joe Emersberger
The Publisher – A Canadian newspaper publisher confronts his complicity in the Canadian, US and corporate backed coup and mass murder in Haiti 

Ron Jacobs
Frame Up – Race and injustice in Maryland; the blood-strewn quarters of the Police State and the struggle against it

Andre Vltchek
The Weekly Globe – The Chief Editor of The Weekly Globe confronts the world in the bars of New York
Storyteller and East Timor – On a ship leaving East Timor, a wrenching conversation about the US-backed Indonesian conquest and slaughter of East Timorese

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