Title America Novels

This is a partial list of novels by American authors with some variant of America or United States in the title, 1767 to 2003. These novels are not necessarily highly political, though a number are, and many have a relatively strong social focus. A few novels with America, etc., in the subtitle are also included here.


The Female American
Anonymous; Unca Eliza Winkfield (pseudonym); Michelle Burnham (introduction); 1767


Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1852



Blake; Or, the Huts of America
Martin R. Delany, 1862


The American
Henry James, 1877
Democracy: An American Novel
Henry Adams, 1880


An American Politician
Marion Crawford, 1884

Plutocracy; Or, American White Slavery
Thomas M. Norwood, 1888


American Claimant
Mark Twain, 1892


The Red Badge of Courage: An Episode of the American Civil War
Stephen Crane, 1895


The Memoirs of An American Citizen
Robert Herrick, 1905


Americans All
John Meritte Driver, 1911
The Job: An American Novel
Sinclair Lewis, 1917


Common Cause: A Novel of the War in America
Samuel Hopkins Adams, 1919


The Great American Novel
William Carlos Williams, 1923

An American Tragedy
Theodore Dreiser, 1925

The Vanishing American
Zane Grey, 1925

The Making of Americans
Gertrude Stein, 1925

Memoirs of a Gothic American
Anne Kavanagh-Priest, 1929

The Emperor of America
Sax Rohmer, 1929

American Beauty
Edna Ferber, 1931

Juan in America
Eric Linklater, 1931

That American Woman
Alec Waugh, 1932

The Provincial Lady in America
E. M. Delafield, 1934

Salah and His American
Leland Hall, 1935

It Can’t Happen Here: What Will Happen When America Has a Dictator
Sinclair Lewis, 1935

The American Flaggs
Kathleen Norris, 1936

American Acres
Louise Peattie, 1936

American Dream
Michael Foster, 1937

The Gods Arrive: A Novel of American Life and Business, 1928-1935
Grant Lewi, 1937

John Dos Passos, 1930-1936, 1938

The Great American Family
Lee Shippey, 1938

American Years
Harold Sinclair, 1938

The Flivver King: A Novel of Ford-America
Upton Sinclair, 1938


The Sound of an American
David Ormsbee (Stephen Longstreet), 1942

Blondie and Dagwood: A Novel of the Great American Family
Helga Lund, 1944

The American
Howard Fast, 1946

Melville Goodwin, USA
John P. Marquand, 1951

The Nice American
Gerald Sykes, 1951

Player Piano: America in the Coming Age of Electronics
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., 1952

Underworld U.S.A.
Joseph F. Dineen, 1956

The Quiet American
Graham Greene, 1956

The Un-Americans
Bessie Alvah, 1957

The Ugly American
William J. Lederer, 1958

An American Romance
Hans Koning, 1960

Never the Twain: A Novel of an American in India
Max Wylie, 1961

America, America
Eli Kazan, 1962

Aunt America
Marie H. Bloch, 1963

American Chrome
Edwin Gilbert, 1965

An American Dream
Norman Mailer, 1966

Surgeon, U.S.A.
Frank B. Slaughter, 1966

Trout Fishing in America
Richard Brautigan, 1967

The Great American Jackbot
Herbert Gold, 1969

American Scrapbook
Jerome Charyn, 1969


American Mischief
Alan Lelchuk, 1970

Don DeLillo, 1971

An American Girl
Patricia Dizenzo, 1971

Birds of America
Mary McCarthy, 1971

American Family
Faith Baldwin, 1972

The Queen of America
Russell Greenan, 1972

The American Princess
Edward Kuhn, 1972

America, My Wilderness
Frederic Prokosch, 1972

Only in America
Harry Golden, 1973

The Great American Novel
Philip Roth, 1973

American Made
Shylah Boyd, 1975

Son of the Great American Novel
James Fritzhand, 1975

American Boys
Steven Phillip Smith, 1975

Two Zany Americans in Pre-War Japan
Heiji Vere (Helen Bryan Barlow), 1975

Roots: The Saga of an American Family
Alex Haley, 1976

I Hear America Swinging
Peter De Vries, 1976

An American Prophet
Gerald Green, 1977

Little America
Rob Swigart, 1977

Goodbye Un-America
James Aldridge, 1979

Mark Coffin, U.S.S.
Allen Drury, 1979

American Gigolo
Timothy Harris, 1979

Made in America
Peter Maas, 1979

The Complete American Graffiti
John Minahan, 1979


O My America!     
Johanna Kaplan, 1980


Coming to America
Linda Perrin, 1980

The Ghosts of America
William Stevenson, 1980

My America!
Eliot Wagner, 1980

American Baroque
Lamar Herrin, 1981

Principles of American Nuclear Cheimistry
Thomas McMahon, 1981

Lost in America
Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1981

The Last Days of America
Paul Erdman, 1982

American Rose
Julia Markus, 1982

Mr. America’s Last Season Blues
John McCluskey, Jr., 1983

The Great American Gay Porno Novel
Mike Shearer, 1984

America’s Children
James Thackara, 1984

The Americans
Jeanne Vronskaya, 1984

Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie
Jan Greenberg, 1985

Her First American
Lore Segal, 1985

American Book of the Dead
Stephen Billias, 1987

American Beauty
C.J. Hribal, 1987

American Dad
Tama Janowicz, 1987

American Blood
John Nichols, 1987

The American Ambassador
Ward Just, 1987

An American Memory
Eric Larsen, 1988

American Dreams
Norma Klein, 1989

American Appetites

Joyce Carol Oates, 1989


Emporer of America
Richard Condon, 1990

An American Love Story
Rona Jaffe, 1990

Hollywood: A Novel of America in the 1920’s
Gore Vidal, 1990

The Americans Are Coming!
Alex Beam, 1991

American Psycho
Bret Easton Ellis, 1991

Typical American
Gish Jen, 1991

Hunger in America
David Cates, 1992

The Un-American
Emanuel Fried, 1992

How to Make an American Quilt
Whitney Otto, 1992

Escape from America
Wallace Henley, 1993

American Hero
Larry Beinhart, 1994

What’s Wrong With America
Scott Bradfield, 1994

American Woman in a Chinese Hat
Carol Maso, 1994

America by Land
Robert Olmstead, 1994

Full Moon Over America
Thomas William Simpson, 1994

The Mulching of America
Harry Crews, 1995

Safe in America
Marcie Hershman, 1995

The Wisest Man in America
W. D. Wetherell, 1995

Milton in America
Peter Ackroyd, 1996

Good Evening Mr. And Mrs. America, and All the Ships at Sea
Richard Bausch, 1996

American Heaven
Maxine Chernoff, 1996

From America Sent
Marty Gervais, 1996

America’s Second Civil War
P. J. Roberts, 1996

America’s Dream
Esmeralda Santiago, 1996

The Two Georges: A Novel of Alternate America
Richard Dreyfuss and Harry Turtledove, 1996

American Pie
Michael Lee West, 1996

American Tabloid
James Ellroy, 1997

All-American Dream Dolls
David Haynes, 1997

Purple America
Rick Moody, 1997

American Pastoral
Philip Roth, 1997

Franco American Dreams
Julie Taylor, 1997

Giving Up America
Pearl Abraham, 1998

CSA-Confederate States of America
Howard Means, 1998

An American Killing
Mary-Ann Tyrone Smith, 1998

The Great American
Alex Abella, 1999

American Owned Love
Robert Boswell, 1999

American Captain
Edison Marshall, 1999

American Knees
Shawn Wong, 1999

American Children
Ann Birstein, 2000

American Skin
Don De Grazia, 2000

American Mystic
Michael Gurien, 2000

American by Blood
Andrew Huebner, 2000

In America
Susan Sontag, 2000

Exit 25 Utopia: A Great American Punk Rock Novel
Steven Wishnia, 2000

An American Outrage
G.K. Wuori, 2000

American Fuji
Sara Backer, 2001

Little America
Henry Bromell, 2001

American Gods
Neil Gaiman, 2001

American Son
Brian Roley, 2001

Only in America
John Soltez, 2001

America the Beautiful
Moon Unit Zappa, 2001

An American Summer
Frank Deford, 2002

  E. R. Frank, 2002

The Future Homemakers of America
Laurie Graham, 2002

Great American Plain
Gary Sernovitz, 2002

The Miss America Family
Juliana Baggott, 2003

American Woman
Susan Choi, 2003

Oscar Wilde Discovers America

Louis Edwards, 2003
The Diary of an American Au Pair
Marjorie Leet Ford, 2003


Uncle Tom’s Cabin: A Tale of Life Among the Lowly, or, Pictures of Slavery in The United States of America

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