Jason Bourne and James Bond – How Different is Mr. Amnesia from 007?

From Counterpunch: Two Very Different Kinds of Spy Movies???

May well be as Allen and D’Amato claim, but do the Bourne movies go only so far as exchanging rather toxic calories for mainly empty calories, however thrilling?

Joe Allen and Paul D’Amato write:

The Bourne Ultimatum grossed $70 million on its opening weekend in early August, surpassing the revenues of the opening weekends of first two Bourne films, The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy. This has led to speculation that the Bourne films may supplant the long-running James Bond series as Hollywood’s most popular spy-movie franchise.

What is the appeal of Jason Bourne over James Bond? “Bond is fundamentally different from Bourne,” says Matt Damon, who plays Bourne. “Bond is an establishment guy. He is a misogynist, an imperialist, he’s all the things that Bourne isn’t. He kills people then drinks a Martini.” Damon adds, “By the end of the second Bourne movie Jason is apologizing for killing people. I’ve never seen that in a big Hollywood movie before.”

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