Governmental Fiction

 From a couple years back at the National Review, but worth noting today:

In the novel Chain of Command, Caspar Weinberger and his co-author Peter Schweizer spin their message into the twisting tale of an attempted coup d’état executed by right-wing hardliners at the highest levels of the American government. The conspirators are motivated by the urge to wage what they see as an appropriately aggressive war on terrorism at home and abroad — a goal they believe they can achieve only by deploying military “security forces” into American cities and refashioning the government into a quasi-dictatorship.

Such a plot raises questions that, in today’s political climate, might seem surprising coming from a conservative author. But historically, conservatives have always been concerned with the power of the federal government and its potential for abuse. In an interview, Weinberger suggested that Americans would do well not to lose sight of this concern.

Also: On “conservative fiction” at the Literary Saloon.

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