“Americans” – “Terminally Naive”

Something for which we are collectively responsible, in literary realms not least.

John Pilger:

“These days, you see Good Ol’ Bill [Clinton], or the Comeback Kid, as he is variously known, wiggling his head on the TV news, campaigning for his wife, Hillary, among Americans who, terminally naive, still believe the Democratic Party is theirs and that “it’s time to vote a woman into the White House”. Together, the Clintons are known as “Billary” and rightly so. Like Good Ol’ Bill, his wife has no plans to address the divisions of a society that allows 130,000 Americans to claim the wealth of millions of their fellow citizens. Like GOB, she wants to continue Iraq’s torment for perhaps a decade. And she has “not ruled out” attacking Iran.”


from John Pilger’s ZNet Commentary “Good Ol’ Bill, The Liberal Hero” – Commentaries are a premium sent to Sustainer Donors of Z/ZNet – to learn more consult ZNet at http://www.zmag.org.

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