Lietopia 1 – US Pamphleteer

I am the Official US Pamphleteer – Stan D. Garde. 

In effect, due to the global reach of our most powerful country, the one and only US of A, the functional stature of my office means I am pamphleteer to far more than solely the US itself, but also to the whole world.

While affiliated with the office of the US Poet Laureate and others such national offices, I am formally housed in the office of the official national US Historian, Dr. Hiredgunne, the recent successor, for the foreseeable future, to the generation-long stint of his immediate predecessor, the forever-great historian, Dr. Totalie.

I am proud beyond words to have been selected for the office of US Pamphleteer following the runaway success of Youthtopia, my humble Parents’ Handbook for Rockview Terminal School District. I am indeed a typical product of the traditionally great schooling enterprise of this mighty land, though the schools of course are now more commonly known as Terminals, as I document in Youthtopia.

In any event, the nature and purpose of this current book, Tropetopia, is to present the newstopian news of our times, with flair where useful, and with some private or otherwise personal touch where topical.

In other words, I have been encouraged by my superiors to put together a hefty selection of my greatest pamphlets. Thus – Tropetopia; or, The Life and Times of Stan D. Garde – In Defense of the Right to PR.



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