Some Early 20th Century Neglected Liberation Criticism

Libertarian socialism – also known as a form of anarchism and/or an ever more fully realized form of democracy may well hold the best hope for humankind, as its various tendencies and manifestations show.

Some of the most central and detailed thought of what may be called the liberation tendency in US literary criticism of the first half of the twentieth century may be found in, for example, the half dozen books and their like below. The books by Sinclair, Calverton, Smith, and Geismar have been buried, in being scandalously neglected by virtually everyone:

1903 Frank Norris, The Responsibilities of the Novelist
1924 Upton Sinclair, Mammonart
1932 V. F. Calverton, The Liberation of American Literature
1939 Bernard Smith, Forces in American Criticism
1941 Kenneth Burke, The Philosophy of Literary Form
1958 Maxwell Geismar, American Moderns–From Rebellion to Conformity

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