The Osama bin Laden Plan to Abolish America

1st: Found al-Qaeda.

2nd: Bomb America.

3nd: Use the US invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan to recruit new members.

4th: Trust the US invaders to guard the oil ministry but not the ammunition dumps during the invasion of Iraq.

5th: Loot the ammo dumps at will.

 6th: Trust the US invaders to destroy the security and civilian infrastructure of Iraq and Afghanistan.

7rd: Attack US forces “over there.”

8th: In the meantime, train the many new recruits to attack the US “over here.”

9th: Silently applaud the DemReps as their occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan provides a steady stream of new recruits to “the cause.”

10th: Marvel at the recruiters paradise provided by the DemReps.

In the meantime, people all across America ask, Who is the US Administration and Congress actually working for – bin Laden or us? That laughter – it’s bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

The US leaders are not working for bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Just doing much of their work by destroying Iraq and Afghanistan and thus providing fertile grounds for recruitment – as even some parts of the CIA agree.

Meanwhile the public relations industry in the US sells precisely the opposite notion to the people of the US. Or tries to – as can be seen in The PR Plan to Abolish America.

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