Fictitious Versus Phony — The Dimslow Way

It’s good to be a fictitious character. Who better to run for President of the United States in these unreal times? There’s a big difference between being fictitious and being phony.  

Being fictitious means using imagination to reach toward truth. Being phony means pretending to be one thing while actually being another.

Being fictitious means using the imagination to come alive. Being phony means being fake and a lie.

Being fictitious means creating Dimslows to shine light quick and bright. Being phony means posing as enlightened but turning the day into night.

Being fictitious means the Dimslows’ good day has come. Being phony means the good day will be shunned.

Thug nations reign and the earth slouches toward implosion.

The Dimslows fight back against the horrible erosion.

Thug nations reign and the masters bomb.

The Dimslows fight back with fiction and aplomb.

Thug nations reign and the powerless are destroyed.

The Dimslows fight back, their skills full employed.

Thug nations reign and people are denied, misled.

The Dimslows fight back until injustice is dead.

Thug nations arraigned, the Dimslows insist.

Vote Dimslow – 2008.

The candidates for death – they won’t be missed.


Had Enough?

Vote Dimslow.

Dimslow — ’08

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