Torture Hawks

Our overview of the John Doe Dimslow ’08 presidential platform brings us to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 5:

“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

So naturally the US officials responsible for torture should get promoted, not punished. The promotions keeping rolling right on in. For example:

Alberto Gonzales helped prepare the administration’s case for relaxing interrogation rules and ”was among the first to embrace the no-rules-apply approach to the ‘war on terror’,” and subsequently advanced to his current job as U.S. attorney general, Human Rights First said.

”The month after the Abu Ghraib photos became public, Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, formerly in charge of interrogations at Guantanamo and credited with instituting the use of dogs at Abu Ghraib, was assigned to be senior commander in charge of detention operations in Iraq,” the group added.

Jay Bybee, a former assistant attorney general and the principal author of a memo defining torture so narrowly as to require an act to ”be equivalent in intensity to the pain accompanying serious physical injury, such as organ failure, impairment of bodily function, or even death,” was appointed as a judge on the federal appeals court, Human Rights First said.

William Haynes, who as Defense Department general counsel recommended over the protests of military lawyers many of the most abusive tactics used at Guantanamo, has been nominated to the federal appeals bench.

Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who oversaw detention facilities in Iraq and was ”excoriated in Pentagon reports for his role in letting torture continue under his command,” was named the head of the Army’s 5th Corps in Europe, Human Rights First said.

This set of events causes Dimslow to stop and scratch his head. Dimslow wonders, does the United Corporate States of Patriotica enjoy being a rogue? Does it love being an outlaw? Does the UCSP enjoy torture? Does it worship it?

Or does it simply not care? Is that why the United Corporate States of Patriotica has gained the glowing hot worldwide reputation of being chief among Thug Nations?

Is torture only a means, if not the only means, to the end of controlling oil in Iraq? Obviously, institutions that function to steal a country’s oil will not stop grinding their gears on their own. They can only be stopped. Like, when the chicken-hawks are left alone in their little space for too long, their little chicken-hawk house, and the coop begins to fill up with chicken hawk manure. The almighty stench! The rot!

Well, there comes a time when a Dimslow has to realize that not only does the coop need to be given a good cleaning out, but also that the whole damned thing needs to be razed, and be rebuilt to be a whole lot bigger, more inclusive, so that us poor Dimslow farmers and folks everywhere can keep an eye for real on what them chicken-hawk roosters might go off and get all half and full cocked about.

Does the United Corporate States of Patriotica really believe that it can torture a country the size of Iraq into total submission? Because unless there is total submission, the folks who decide to retaliate for torture with terror are no doubt capable of landing many major attacks-of-mass-destruction on poor old Dimslow’s scratchy head. Attacks that the UCSP is out there provoking right now, as has been noted by now by many for years.

Does the UCSP want to destroy it all, if it so chooses? Dimslow wonders. Does it simply not care? This is what Dimslow sees: that the attitude and the actions of the United Corporate States of Patriotica reveal clear as crystal that UCSP has decided that the world will go the way of the UCSP or it will not go at all. Such a stance can have only one conclusion: global annihilation. And so it is long past time that the Dimslows of the world, the Dimslows of America finally unite and act to literally save the world. Build anew the house. Raze the chicken-hawk coop. The UCSP must go. And the Dimslow nation, the UDHR nation, must arise. Corporate charters are given out by the public, and they can be taken away. Enough handouts already. More than enough. We need to go more (1), more (2), and more (3) toward the end of corporate rule.

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