Democrats Bankrupt? Pope Catholic?

More and more people are asking these days, Are the Democrats bankrupt as a political party?

Ask a Dimslow. Is the Pope Catholic?

Now, I may be slower than a glacier with arthritis most ways, but even a Dimslow can pull the trigger pretty quick on that one.

The Ds aren’t the only thing that’s bankrupt of course. So’s the whole voting system, where you’ve got to be a zillionaire or agree with all the other zillionaires to even get your hat thrown in the voting ring in the first place. Well, a Dimslow is used to facing long odds. So we’re going to rear back these next years and throw our hats just as far as the common wind will take them. Spread the words, folks. Talk up a storm. Bang the pots and pans. Because the Dimslows have long since had enough.  

The Democrats and Congress have totally repudiated the will of the voters and the larger public in regard to the Iraq War. The Democrats’ refuse to cut off the Iraq occupation funding. Their so-called troop withdrawal deadlines are phony. They aren’t even considering the reparations the US owes Iraq, or money for the UN to help Iraq with the horrific destruction and loss of life.

The Democrats have proposed essentially nothing, or worse, the same old, same old—the typical continuation of the status quo, or worse, wrapped in the typical layers of PR—which once again makes the Democrats liars on the same scale as the Republicans and worse in some ways, because some of the Republicans don’t lie in as many layers about what they are doing. Some of them are more willing to be more upfront about the thugging around. Thug Nation, invasion and occupation—that’s the current reality of DemRep action in relation to Iraq, etc.

Overall the Republicans are somewhat more destructive, even if the Democrats lie in more layers. Both are bankrupt.

Did Genghis Khan’s grandson Hulagu conquer and occupy Iraq as violently and destructively and lethally as the US is doing?   

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