Tropetopia XVIII — The Pangloss Score V: The Pangloss Score Scored

Top twenty Pangloss Scores on top of my mind, Stan D. Garde:

Top twenty reasons overt anti-war novels are an obscenity to humankind (and the publishers who publish them are the scum of the earth).

Top twenty wonders of War – almost the only taxes worth paying.

Top twenty ways the status quo establishment intends to pay for the fallout of Climate Change.

Top twenty great neo-serf-wage jobs.

Top twenty ways to make a killing.

Top twenty economic scams to avoid.

Top twenty DemRep election strategies.

Top twenty Revolutionary nightmares.

Top twenty Tropetopian Americans.

Top twenty Tropetopian Earthians.

Top twenty places to live and die.

Top twenty ways to administer health care.

Top twenty meanings of social security.

Top twenty reasons to abolish the minimum wage.

Top twenty ways to run and rule prisons.

Top twenty ways to mentally cleanse the youth of any land.

Top twenty ways to control language.

Top twenty ways to run and rule a corporation.

Top twenty ways to run and rule a country.

Top twenty ways to run and rule the world.

Needless to say, these Pangloss Scores are only the merest tip of the iceberg poking out of the top of my head.

With keen regret I note the lack of room in this initial list for other equally vital Pangloss Scores, for example, on religion, sex, drugs, art, food and agriculture, the environment, sports, infants, the elderly, the poor, pregnancy, manners, race, diet, humor, and great Tropetopian moments in history, philosophy, science, fashion, etymology, and all else. But so be it, for we live in the best of all possible Panglossian worlds, words, and whirls, duly enthralled, in good Tropetopian form.

I trope, therefore I am what I am — a faithful trading post, here to produce and consume, to serve the greater.

It’s important to get the Right tropes. Right is Right and left is daft.

The scale of freedom and well-being does not run from great democracy on the left to great tyranny on the right — far from it, delusional thinking. It runs from Totalitarianism on the left, rightward to (so-called) democracy, then further rightward to (so-called) tyranny (benevolent or otherwise), then all the way Right to utter enlightenment and true Righteousness.

It’s clear where I stand.

In this way, I trope.

I believe, too, and therefore act as I should and must, a good loyal vendor-consumer diligently accumulating profits and power upward, the only proper and natural way.

Most sincerely, 

Stan D. Garde
Official Terminate DemRep Sloganeer

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