Prison Power — One of Every 138

John Doe Dimslow says:

At long last a final solution to the unemployment problem — imprison the populace. Lock up all us Dimslows everywhere. And why not? It costs less to lock someone up than it does to pay them a living wage with decent benefits. Plus, then the prisoners can be put to work in the prisons at cut-rate slave wage rates, rather than at the full scale slave wage rate of the federal minimum wage for those on the outside. It certainly pays to be more efficient. Build more jails and prisons, I say. Lock us all up for our own good and for the good of the corporate economy of Patriotica. Give us bars or give us death! Shouldn’t that be the stirring cry of every righteous American?

The US prison population, already the largest in the world, reached a new high of more than 2.1 million [in 2004], with one in every 138 residents of the country now behind bars, according to new government statistics [the U.S. Bureau of Justice]…. The system was adding to its ranks on average 932 individuals every week. The rate of incarceration reached a record of 726 inmates per 100,000 residents…. By comparison, the current incarceration rate in Britain is 142 per 100,000 citizens, in China 118, in France 91, and in Japan 58, according to the Justice Policy Institute.”







 H A D   E N O U G H ?

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Dimslow – 2008

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