Tropetopia VIII — Epic of Epics

If this American Campaign Journal, Tropetopia – more realistically titled, Global Campaign Journal – were anything more than a humble vessel of the popular will (the good loyal vendor-consumer will, of course) then I would be forced to point out that my notes here form the makings of an epic that easily has the potential to reveal more and far surpass in all elements any and all great works heretofore, including any and all works of the imagination and of fact – such as all epics of poetry, fiction, history, philosophy, sociology, theory, religion, science, and any sort of literature whatsoever, the novel, not least.

I would be forced to state that Tropetopia is sort of a history of histories, a philosophy of philosophies, a religion of religions, a theory of theories, a science of sciences, a novel of novels – a literature of literatures.

But – since Tropetopia is merely a modest old campaign journal, I can admit to nothing of the kind, however true it may be.

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