Tropetopia VII — The Curse of the Dumblicans and the Repugnocrats

All right, damn it. All to the Right.

Time to face facts. That’s what I do. That’s my role. I look the nasty facts in the face to keep all us loyal DemRep Vendor-Consumers one step ahead of reality.

I read all the polls and then I redesign them and I poll the more. No matter how heinous – it is my job to confront reality.

Here’s reality –

95 percent of VC admit to calling the DemReps by either the old slur of Dumblican or Repugnocrat at least once during the previous year.

These curse words are what have got to stop.

98.5 percent of VC polled admit (meaning the number is probably far higher) to calling, or at least thinking, of the DemReps as the DamnRips (short for Damned Ripoffs) – or some version thereof (i.e., DumbRips, DimRips, DipRips, DopeRips, etc).

These are absolutely libelous names and appalling numbers, as any good VC should know.

This shows that we good VC are far from fully consuming and internalizing the best in Terminate DemRep Sloganeering offered today – at least on any consistent basis – periodic triumphs of TDR sloganeering aside.

As Official Terminate DemRep Sloganeer, I intend to fully correct this abysmal situation.

The corrections shall heretofore commence, in public and private both.

It begins with you – each and every loyal and faithful Vender-Consumer alive today. You must internalize each and every slogan that is good for you and your country and world. You must buy in and not opt out. You must produce on a regular basis your own such slogans and carry them on, pass them out, and not pass them by.

We good VC produce and consume many important wonders these days – including a dizzying variety of electronica, foodstuffs, and subsistence gear – but nothing so vital as our daily nutritious assortment of slogans by which and only by which (brute force excepted) our great age may profit and thrive.

I urge you then, and now, good VC of the world, go forth and slogan, as will I – in proper VC fashion and style — the most profound, the most fitting, the most rewarding way known…

…the most constructive, the most benevolent, the most efficient, the most democratic — you get it — way of life known to humankind.

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