Tropetopia VI — Hurl On

Indeed, in deed, the distance, insofar as it is detectible, between being the next great President of the United States and the Official Sloganeer is unimaginably small.

As that greatest of all Presidents once said, the job of the Presidency is basically to “catapult the propaganda.” It can’t be writ any better. I challenge any sloganeer. 

Think about it — a catapult is an ancient device for firing missiles and comes from the Greek words hurl and down. Meanwhile slogan comes from the Scottish Gaelic words meaning army and cry, or war cry. Thus to “catapult the propaganda” – or slogans – that is, to be the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief, a Chief Executive Officer, or the Official Sloganeer – is to hurl down war cries, upon the country and world, to throw down, to cry out in battle – O thrilling and blessed state of affairs.

“‘Do Less with More’ – How’s that for a great terministration, excuse me, I mean, administration and campaign slogan?”

The first definition of campaign is “a connected series of military operations forming a distinct phase of a war,” and the word is derived from the Latin word for level country, if not a country that has been leveled into perfect uniformity by the determined catapulting of inspired campaign slogans – the propaganda.

I suppose it would be unbecoming at this point in this fastidious war, I mean, campaign journal to go into the combined religious and sexual origins of the word propaganda. Possibly another opportunity shall arise. For now we will limit our examinations of the potency of words, names, speeches to those which are more militantly related to power and might – as most befits any proper campaign journal.

“I love it,” said the Arranger, “Less with More – as in, lower expectations with more effort, reduced role of government with more PR, less disobedience with more authority, less complaining with more pride, less agitation with more religion, more border patrol less immigration, more weapons fewer uprisings, and fewer people controlling more money for the benefit of country and world – of course we won’t go public with that last one, and possibly some of the others. They will be for internal consumption only. It’s for the best.”

“I couldn’t agree more if you had said less,” said I. “This new job you’ve bestowed upon me is so awesome. I can’t wait to get up every morning and hurl the propaganda. It’s such a great time to be a sloganeer.”

“It certainly is,” declared the Arranger. “As always. To slogan is to live, I like to say. What could be better than to slogan away the glorious day? Hurl on, my Good Man. Hurl on.”

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