A Reasonable Proposal

The President Of The United States quite reasonably proposes that his loyal public servants meet privately with Congress – under no oath and with no transcript allowed – and thereby be allowed to lie through their spinning teeth to cover up the firing of U.S. attorneys who were intent upon investigating the president’s administration for criminal activity.

POTUS quite reasonably proposes that Congress continue to fund – as it has all these many years – the ongoing Oil Wars in Iraq, and everywhere else.

POTUS quite reasonably cautions – no, warns – no, threatens – that if he does not get his way in these or other matters, he will carpet bomb Iran in a show of patriotic zeal, and then in close conjunction further carpet bomb the economy of the United States so that the nation comes crawling ever more desperately back to him on its hands and knees begging for relief, which he will piously deny.

POTUS regrets that Congress has chosen to raise a partisan specter in these difficult times. He quite reasonably remains confident that Congress will once again soon change its tune and soften its whistle after a few show trials and showboat votes, and little else. This is the proper nonpartisan function of Congress, after all. The quite reasonable duty of Congress is to betray the people – nothing less, plenty more.

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