Contemporary Politics and Popular Art (continued) and Ideological Novel

The politics of the man behind “24.”

“The military loves our show,” [Joel Surnow] said recently. Surnow is fifty-two, and has the gangly, coiled energy of an athlete; his hair is close-cropped, and he has a “soul patch”—a smidgen of beard beneath his lower lip. When he was young, he worked as a carpet salesman with his father. The trick to selling anything, he learned, is to carry yourself with confidence and get the customer to like you within the first five minutes. He’s got it down. “People in the Administration love the series, too,” he said. “It’s a patriotic show. They should love it.”

Literature and Society in Imperial Russia, 1800-1914. – Google Books Result
The Rhetoric of an Ideological Novel I This paper treats the ways in which Dostoevsky’s social and ideological intentions interacted with certain of his

Greek Fiction: the Greek novel in context – 
Like many an author of the later ideological novel, Xenophon came to the … Since the key to an ideological novel is its redundancy, a prerequisite for

Political Myth: A Theoretical Introduction – 
…in distinguishing the ideological novel from other novelistic fiction written in a realist mode, Suleiman maintains that, while the number of

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