Contemporary Politics and Popular Art

Blood Diamond DVD — “Net effect: like reading Upton Sinclair and passing on the sausage.”

American (U.S.) disaster novel by Jim Crace

Marina Lewycka’s Novels

Jose Saramago’s political novel Blindness to film

V V: Pamuk & After:

Who, among us, can confront the lies and silences that lie at the heart of everyone’s lives, including our own? We need to do that if only to come to terms with ourselves. We are all made up of different selves like a broomstick that needs to be tethered to be of any use.

On a different plane the novel raises a much larger question: the role of nationalist historians who see all history in terms of victories, defeats, triumphs, humiliations, their own side on the upgrade and some hated rival on the downgrade. And they do this without batting an eye-lid, without being conscious of dishonesty. Sadly, political commentators can survive almost any mistake, like astrologers, because their devoted followers don’t look for an appraisal of the facts but for the stimulation of nationalist loyalties. This is what has happened in Turkey as it would elsewhere where nationalists take over. To paraphrase Joyce, “history is a nightmare from which we are trying to awake”.

Crossing Color Barriers…a growing genre of novels” — see also: Ron Jacob’s forthcoming Short Order Frame Up

War violence and movies: 300

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