Politics and Painting

Yasmin Hernandez

    Donna Hernandez


What is the role of the artist in changing the political landscape? How does your work do this?

For the artists who choose this path, our role is to expose injustice. A single painting cannot save anyone but can serve as a catalyst to evoke a change in someone to begin the work that can indeed save us.
With my own work, I seek to fill voids with innovative methods of presenting the images we don’t usually see, but should. I paint brown goddesses because young women of color often have trouble viewing themselves as sacred. I paint mothers as saints because the everyday woman is worthy of praise. I paint freedom fighters because today we are taught that to resist is to be a troublemaker and that to go against the powers that be when we are in disagreement is to be ungrateful. I paint the harsh realities in a world that masks truth behind a bling-bling generation.

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