Orwell, Tim Robbins, 1984 as a Play Today

Tim Robbins and S.F. Mime Troupe director uncover ‘echoes of our current situation’ in Orwell’s classic

by Andrew Gilbert

For Tim Robbins, the actor, director and playwright known for his politically charged work, the relevance of a theatrical production based on Orwell’s devastating dystopian tale about the mechanics and methodology of totalitarianism was as apparent as the morning headlines.

“Beyond the obvious idea of torture and monitoring civilians, I was floored when I reread the ‘War Is Peace’ chapter,” said Robbins, speaking by phone from the Manhattan home he shares with Susan Sarandon and their three school-age boys. “It’s the book within the book, and it talks about what war represents within Oceania and why it’s necessary, and you’ll see echoes of our current situation. If you want a quick view into what inspired me to do this play, look at just that chapter.”

One thought on “Orwell, Tim Robbins, 1984 as a Play Today”

  1. I am an avid reader. I have to admit, I got half way thru l984 and put the book down because it depressed me so much. My son bought as many copies in second hand book stores as he could. He’ d wrap them up in plain brown paper and leave them in places like grocery stores, yuppie clothing stores, and quick stop gas stations. The book, as far as I could get thru, has become our reality. Up is down. Black is white. Good is bad. God (whoever she may be) bless you Tim and Susan…….and Randi Rhode…… and Air America! I will see the play when it comes to Olympia, Wa.

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