Richard Clarke Novels and Iraq War Movie, The Situation

Richard Clarke’s Political Fiction

by Kristin

Using fiction, entertaining, to inform isn’t a new concept to Clarke. He talked about his role as a counter-terrorism adviser and introducing biological warfare through an interactive “war game” format, feeding facts in 10-minute intervals, showing video clips and shoving a microphone in cabinet members faces ala Geraldo Rivera. “The whole world’s going to hell, Janet Reno. What are you going to do?”

“It had a way of gripping them,” Clarke said. “They had no idea.”

Telling an Unfinished Story — review of the fictional Iraqi war film, The Situation

by Nicolas Rapold

…despite its shaky execution, the [fictional film] production does illuminate a subtle weakness native to the flood of Iraq documentaries. Ironically, the movie achieves a certain clarity by depriving viewers of the frisson of the real as well as the narrative adrenaline boost experienced in the by-now familiar documentary recipe of blindsiding violence, ephemeral beauty, and captured confessions.

Like the most recently lauded slice of Iraq exposition, ” Iraq in Fragments,” “The Situation” expresses the predicaments of ordinary Iraqis, including the less innocent among them. Local and family loyalties overshadow national concerns, and the threat of kidnapping or murder makes open support for occupying forces risky and rare.

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