Drug Industry Propaganda Novel

Both high quality and poor quality literature can have no major social or political effect? Much humor. 

Drug Industry Caught Covering Up Propaganda Book

By Tim Edwards

In a recent story in the New York Daily News drug lobbyists were found to be secretly endorsing a new novel aimed at scaring the American public into not ordering prescription medication from Canada. The novel focused on swaying the opinion of importing drugs from Canada in order to recoup some of the 1.7 billion dollars lost to the Canadian market each year.  In one of the most outrageous attempts of propaganda by the pharmaceutical companies to date, they reportedly offered $100,000 to the co-authors and publishers in an attempt to keep the details of the novel under raps when the project reportedly fell through at the end of July.  Julie Chrystyn began writing the novel in early April. The book details a Croatian terrorist group who uses Canadian Pharmaceutical websites in order to sell fatal drugs to unsuspecting American consumers. Julie titled the book “The Spivak Conspiracy” after a good friend of hers Kenin Spivak. Spivak later joined to help Julie write the book after Julie had submitted the first 50 pages to PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) for review and editorial suggestions.  Spivak told New York Daily News, “They said they wanted it somewhat dumbed down for women, with a lot more fluff in it, and more about the wife of the head Croatian terrorist, who is a former Miss Mexico.” PhRMA wanted to change these aspects in the story in order to appeal to women who are the most loyal consumers of Canadian Pharmacies.  When confronted about the propaganda novel, Ken Johnson, executive vice president of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America acknowledged the scheme but attempted to shift the blame.  Since Spivak and Chrystyn denied PhRMA’s $100,000 offer, they have since finished the latest version of the novel which is set o release at the beginning of next year. If you are interested in ordering your prescription medication at 30 to 70 percent less than at your local pharmacy, visit this Consumer Advocacy website for more information on ordering from an online no prescription pharmacy….

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