Art of Pleasantries, Art of Concern

The art of pleasantries vs. the art of concern and provocation

By Stuart Nudelman  


“Nachtwey works in the tradition of Upton Sinclair whose novel “The Jungle” exposed and instigated reforms in the meat processing industry, and the many visual artists, George Grosz, Kate Kollwitz, Lewis Hine, W. Eugene Smith, whose images have in varying degrees borne witness to man’s inhumanity to man….

“Nachtwey is a gently, sensitive, laconic man with an aesthetic sensibility and an artist’s desire to portray the truth and retain the vision of a better world. He has subjected his body and spirit to injury, pain, discomfort, and the potential of death as he roams the world documenting the many stories of conflict, war, and critical social issues.”

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