Upton Sinclair and Chris Bachelder

Brief overview of Upton Sinclair’s life and work.

Ryan Bigge reviews US!

Jay Parini reviews US! — “a lark of a novel” by Chris Bachelder:

“Sinclair was the ultimate muckraker, the scourge of capitalists and greedy politicians, and a vibrant man of the left, when there was a left. Now he’s at the centre of a larky novel by Chris Bachelder. With his first novel, the inimitable Bear v Shark, Bachelder stepped unabashedly into the limelight, full of postmodern pizzazz. He has put his cleverness, and his unusual narrative skills, to good use in US! – a romp of a book (the word “novel” almost doesn’t stretch to include such a work) in which the great muckraker comes alive, again and again, dug up by his admirers, who need him desperately. Alas, he is assassinated again, too – over and over.”

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