Social Activist Photographer, Milton Rogovin

Famed Photographer Leaves Social-Activist Legacy for Son

by Jim Rankin

“Milton Rogovin told his audience at the Met, six years ago, “In the 1950s, when the federal government tried to silence those of us from organizing for the rights of working people, I refused to be silenced. I turned to social-documentary photography as my way of speaking out.”

“He was consciously following in the path of Jacob Riis, a muckraker, pioneering photojournalist and reformer who hoped his photographs would draw attention to deplorable conditions in the tenements of the early 20th century, and Walker Evans, who recorded rural poverty in Appalachia 30 years later.”


“Mark Rogovin inherited his father’s artistic bent and political orientation, if not in all the details. As a young man, he studied with the great Mexican muralist David Siqueiros, in whose homeland it is generally assumed an artist doubles as a social activist.”

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