Chavez and Venezuelan film studio

Puts one in a bit in the mind of Hallie Flanagan and the Federal Theatre Project, including the Living Newspaper:

AP CARACAS, Venezuela – President Hugo Chavez inaugurated a Venezuelan film studio Saturday to counter what he called Hollywood's cultural "dictatorship."

Chavez announced $11 million in funds for the complex as he toured movie sets, costume rooms and sat in a director's chair — all part of Venezuela's new "cultural artillery" to combat U.S. domination, he said.

"It's a Hollywood dictatorship," he said. "They inoculate us with messages that don't belong to our traditions … (about) the American way of life, imperialism."

He accused Hollywood movies of stereotypes that cast Venezuela and other Latin American countries as violent havens for criminals and drug traffickers.

Chavez has pledged to use Venezuela's oil wealth to battle what he calls the evils of U.S.-style capitalism.

His government is the primary investor in Telesur, a television station billing itself as a Latin American alternative to corporate media outlets.

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