Seeing Black and Red

Traditional anarchist colors.

Art and politics in Nepal — The Color[s] of Freedom:

"My inspiration has always been my fascination with society, figures, the romantic, birds, trees, animals," says Manandhar. "I focus on the female form, not the male. That for me is where the real beauty is."

But now Manandhar says he is in a different phase – one which will likely follow the trajectory of Nepal's democratic process. He says these are not just the empty words of a dilettante but something he is backing up with action.

Indeed, at an event held next to Gongabu Street in Katmandu, site of some the largest pro-democracy demonstrations in April, Manandhar and 55 other artists and poets are creating works of art that will be sold to raise money for those injured during violent confrontations with the police….

See also comment 4:

This is great; Manandhar is a significant artist, and quite famous in Nepal and even in India. But what I think I love the most about this atricle is the way he is distancing himself from the Royal Court. "Sees only Black and Red"; for now…but quite likely to see other colors later. Somewhat ironic, as his patronage extended right up to the previous Queen, and he enjoyed long running painting shows in the former Queen's "Palace". But what they hell; that's the way it is with "revolutions"; when the new administration comes in, best to have a few qualifications that keep YOU from being frog-marched down a dank, dark corridor to rot in a concrete cell. Not to detract from his creative talent though; he clearly has the juice. But self-promotion is also a skill of all great artists.

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