deluge of the bankers

historical the cash deluge

each and every year more huge

officials preach and claim to care

emotions trite and tripe they share

they harken to the mayflower

they mention ellis island too

they pose in patriotic power

and fling around clichés half true

they lie from shining sea to sea

and steal vast wealth from you and me


reporters few walk down old streets

to hear how people wish to live

so busy hugging proud elites

the corporate news does no one give

to ring a bell or knock a door

to sit on porch and learn the score

to gather round a kitchen plate

a living room and there relate

or if they do it’s always found

no fix nor cure is truly sound

while any wise reporters could

learn far more than they thought they would

real word collect of huge import

upfront street tales fresh thought live wit

true human need and care in short

a worthy text no pr skit

big corporate news it cannot hear

from those who act and show no fear

from those who know the world around

from those who live upon the ground

instead out looting for the banks

the robber class solicits thanks

and money too it fees and bills

and bilks and by its charges kills

the yearning dream of a good life

construct a house support the wife

but no blank men in vicious mold

so smooth polite they’ve long controlled

they gorge on wealth by way of stealth

and feast upon our children’s health

of news like this the press won’t dare

keen prophets have forever shown

what’s fair is fair is fair is fair

the rulers never want it known

disaster sown ignored by them

recall another apothegm

it’s not the world they say it is

this deadly bloody gruesome biz

proud polis papers president

how much they care quite evident

pretending that their role is clean

they oil up the kill machine

the press not much the world reveals

with cheap words clever false appeals

much life that matters now forget

most news goes elsewhere no regret

or slants twists lies omits distorts

by corporate will sheer force directs

slick chatter from sleek ruling courts

thus base and gullible infects

the economic system fails

to fill life’s gaps it fills grim jails

as corporate suits work to disguise

the coins they steal from dead men’s eyes

neglect that which small profit gives

elected representatives

owned by vast wealth are sternly told

despair and trouble soon unfold

the presidents preach claim they care

emotions trite and tripe they share

so sanguine suave a specious bit

on stage displayed adorned bright lit

slick mugging presidential tears

for dollar pains of endless years

a planet dies news takes a walk

while vapid proud official talk

engulfs those gathered all around

where media intent are found

to note each smile and mark each frown

but miss the giant theft downtown

throughout the land the news is spun

from trigger of the bankers’ gun

forgotten buried shunned no shock

unmentioned by official talk

the people buried deep in hock

forgotten murdered wonder why

by epic theft pushed from on high

bright blood upon the chopping block

forgotten murdered wonder why

the epic theft rulers deny

the peoples’ day is never won

the bombs are thrown the people now

the cash is blown must rise somehow

to thrive and shine bright as the sun

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